Raging Wildfire Threatens Village in Central Greece (video)

Emergency services evacuated a village near the city of Lamia, in central Greece, on Wednesday, as a large wildfire threatens to engulf the settlement.

According to local site lamianow, the fire is burning dry grassland, and low growth outside the village of Divri. Winds are particularly strong in the area and the temperature is at a scorching 40 degrees Celsius.

A team of 30 firemen manning 14 vehicles are in the area, assisted by two Pezetel water-throwing aircraft which took off from Lamia’s airport. Two more aircrafts are expected from Aghialos.

According to lamianow, this is the most dangerous of a total of four fires that started almost simultaneously in the region.

The second blaze is burning forestland near the Agia Anna Monastery, the third broke out near the Domokos mines and the fourth, smaller fire is located in the area of Lygaria.