”Ebola Not to Blame” for Italian Girl’s Death, Greek Health Experts Claim

There is no evidence to suggest that the death of a 17-year-old Italian girl was caused by the Ebola virus, the National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) said on Wednesday.

Experts on infectious diseases noted that the incident had nothing to do with the Ebola virus.

The unfortunate girl was rushed to the General State Hospital of Nikea in Athens on Tuesday. She had been originally transported to the Hospital of the Aegean island of Naxos.

She showed signs of acute septicemia there, and for this reason, she had to be transferred to a larger hospital unit. A military helicopter from the Greek Air Force took her from Naxos to Athens, but doctors were tragically unable to save the young woman.

According to health experts, the results of her diagnostic tests were not compatible with an Ebola infection, and NPHO scientists are continuing to investigate the incident.