Twelve Israelis Held in Cyprus Over Alleged Gang Rape of British Tourist

Twelve Israeli tourists were arrested at the popular Cyprus resort of Ayia Napa on Wednesday after a British woman said that she had been raped.

State broadcaster RIK reported that the alleged rape happened early Wednesday in the hotel where the woman and the twelve suspects were staying separately.

Police say the investigation is in its early stages and it is not yet clear how many people are suspected of being involved.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israelis are denying the allegations. Three of the men claim to have had sex with her, while nine others are saying that they had nothing to do with the incident.

According to them, the British tourist struck up a friendship with two members of the group, with one of the two helping the other with English-to-Hebrew communication.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel said in a statement that its diplomats had been allowed to speak with the suspects in the case.