Firefighters Battle with Blaze in Nafplio

File photo

A fire that broke out a little after noon on Saturday is raging in a grassy mountainside in the Koutsouria area close to Nafplio, with the flames moving towards residential areas, local media report.

According to the Fire Department, 26 firefighters with 12 vehicles, a foot unit, two aircrafts and a helicopter operate at the site at the moment, trying to contain the blaze.

Local media say that the fire is approaching the city cemetery and residences in the outskirts. Police have shut down the road to Karathonas Beach, the main beach of Nafplio.

More firefighting aircrafts are expected to prevent the flames from approaching the city.

According to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, several areas in Greece have been put on a high alert for the risk of fire due to the strong winds on Saturday.