Killers of Greek Man Near Acropolis Sentenced to Life

Two men were found guilty by a Greek court on Tuesday and were sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2018 murder of 25-year-old student Nikolas Moustakas.

A 29-year-old Pakistani man and a 26-year-old Iraqi man were unanimously convicted of the murder which sent shockwaves through Greek society last August.

The pair, who also had prior convictions for petty theft, had pushed Moustakas off Athens’ Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis, during a robbery that had gone wrong.

They admitted to their act of robbery, but denied that they pushed Moustakas off the cliff. They claimed they tried to rob him and his girlfriend by threatening him with a broken bottle, and the young man resisted, then stumbled, slipped and fell to his death.

After the murder, Moustakas’ mother accused then-Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of “negligence and complicity” in her son’s death, blaming him for failing to boost security in Athens.

She also suggested that the Greek state boost security in the broader area outside the city, “rather than allocating half the police force to the protection of politicians and their families.”