Famous Qatari Sailing Yacht “Al Mubaraki” Docks at Piraeus’ Zea Marina

After visiting the ports of Mykonos and Thessaloniki, the renowned two-masted wooden Qatari sailing ship named ”Al Mubaraki” docked at Greece’s Zea Marina in Piraeus on Wednesday.

The lovely, traditionally-designed wooden sailing ship is traveling to several European ports to showcase the maritime history of the Gulf state as part of a tour to promote the World Cup of Football, which will take place in Qatar in 2022.

The nation of Qatar is justifiably proud of their beautiful vessel, which is a faithful recreation of traditional Qatari sailboats, and its citizens are paying a great deal of attention to the vessel’s tour this summer.

The country’s Embassy in Athens organized a special event to welcome the vessel to Piraeus.

The ship will remain at Zea Marina in Piraeus until August 12, when it will depart for the Greek island of Corfu.

The vessel, which uses solar energy as well as the power of the wind to travel, will continue its journey to ports throughout the Mediterranean all summer long.