Man Shoots Mother and Son Dead Over Parking Disagreement Near Kavala

Greek police (file photo)

An insignificant row over a parking spot turned into a tragic double homicide in the town of Chryssoupolis near Kavala in Northern Greece on Thursday.

A 42-year old man shot his neighbor and his mother dead following a heated argument they had engaged in recently, reportedly over who was entitled to use a specific parking spot.

The male victim, who was also 42 years old, and his 67-year old mother were shot dead in cold blood by the alleged perpetrator when the victim tried to enter the garden belonging to his neighbor to solve the dispute.

A hunting rifle, which the alleged killer possessed lawfully, was used to commit the crime.

Local media reported earlier that the argument was sparked by the victim parking his truck in a spot that was also claimed by the 42-year old defendant.

The 42-year old man is now in police custody and is expected to be put on trial in the near future.