Rubicon Anarchists Smash Door, Throw Paint at Restaurant for Alleged Employee Mistreatment

Members of the Rubicon anarchist collective smashed the door of an Athens restaurant and threw paint at the walls early on Friday, then made a warning post about the attack on an anarchist website.

The restaurant, located in the Athens suburb of Halandri, belongs to television chef Hector Botrini, who owns several other restaurants in Greece. According to the anarchists, the attack was a warning after a 19-year-old apprentice chef reported that he had been abused by his superiors in a Corfu restaurant also owned by Botrini.

Days ago, the apprentice chef had reported that his boss at the restaurant had used verbal and physical violence against him, and had even thrown hot oil at him.

Botrini had refused the allegations, claiming that all employees at his restaurants have been treated fairly.

After the attack, a Rubicon member posted a further warning to Botrini, threatening him that if he continues with such tactics against his employees, he could receive a slap in the face in front of his customers.