Iconic Mykonos Lighthouse Abandoned to its Fate (video)

The Armenistis lighthouse, one of the most visited places on the Greek island of Mykonos, has been abandoned to its fate, as seen in an exclusive video by Mykonoslive.tv.

The heartbreaking footage shows the building in a decrepit state, with rubble and rubbish everywhere.

Mykonoslive.tv says that the lighthouse, at the northwest corner of the island, is becoming a danger to visitors, and it blasts the authorities for letting Armenistis fall into such disrepair that it may actually collapse.

The site offers panoramic views of Tinos island, the Aegean Sea and a beautiful sunset in the late afternoons.

The iconic lighthouse was built in 1891, after an English ship was wrecked to the north of the island, losing eleven members of its crew.

Its tower stretches 19 meters (62 feet) into the sky and its focal height is 184 meters (603 feet).