Turkey to Create “Consulate” in Cyprus’ Ghost Town of Famagusta

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced on Sunday that his country will open  a “consulate” in the former resort city of Famagusta, in the Turkish-occupied north of Cyprus.

Cavusoglu, during a visit to the occupied part of the island, stated such a “consulate” would serve all of the citizens who are living in the Karpasia Peninsula.

“We will open our Consulate General in Famagusta, which will be our 243rd mission in the world. No one will have the power to break the Turkish Cypriot bond with the Motherland!” Cavusoglu trumpeted on Twitter.

The “consul” to be appointed there would be Turkish diplomat Kasim Kanban, Cavusoglu said.

The move comes amid a new round of United Nations exploratory talks aimed at reunifying the island even as Turkey continues with its illegal prospecting for hydrocarbons in waters off the island.