Greek Summer Comes to an Abrupt End as Floods Hit Thessaloniki (video)

A fierce storm hit Thessaloniki on Thursday night, resulting in dozens of homes being flooded and two motorists becoming marooned along submerged streets which were completely submerged in murky water.

The fire service received more than 150 calls with seventeen requests for flooded homes or basement areas to be pumped out.

Fire service officers moved seven people to safety from their flooded homes in the Efkarpia area.

In Anthokipoi the floodwaters swept large volumes of mud and debris into homes after a stream in the area topped its banks.

Two motorists became trapped in their vehicles, one in the area of Evosmos and one on a regional road. One managed to extricate himself from the floodwaters while the other victim required the help of the police to emerge from his car.

Thessaloniki traffic on Friday was appreciably slower than normal, with several collisions recorded in the morning alone due to the slippery, muddy road surfaces.