538 Passengers Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out on Igoumenitsa-Venice Ferry

The ”Olympic Champion” was built in 2000 and has a total length of 204 meters and a width of 26.13.

A fire broke out onboard a ferry that had initiated its trip from Greece’s Igoumenitsa to Venice in Italy.

The fire broke out at the fourth level of the ”Olympic Champion’s” garage, affecting two trucks that were traveling on it.

According to Greek authorities, the fire was soon under control as the ship’s automatic fire-fighting systems worked from the very first moment.

When the blaze was detected, the ferry changed its route and headed straight back to the port of Igoumenitsa, where all of its passengers and most of its crew evacuated the vessel for safety reasons.

Two of the passengers presented respiratory problems due to the smoke inside the vessel and were transferred to the Health Center of Igoumenitsa.