One Dead After Large Fire Breaks Out in Refugee Camp of Moria on Lesvos

A mother and her child died on Sunday afternoon after a large fire broke out in the Moria camp on Greece’s island of Lesvos.

According to initial information, the fire broke out in one of the containers where refugees and migrants live.

The woman who died is believed to be an Afghan national who lived there, but her identity has not been officially confirmed yet.

The pictures show thick smoke coming out of the camp, and according to witnesses, hundreds of refugees and migrants tried to leave the camp, in order to avoid breathing the thick black smoke.

However, many of them showed symptoms of respiratory problems.

Following the news that two people died, refugees and migrants clashed with Greek police, which used tear gas to respond.

Moria camp now

Posted by Ihab Abassi on Sunday, 29 September 2019