EU Mulls Further Sanctions Against Turkey Over Cyprus Violations

Following a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the EU in Luxembourg on Monday, the EU issued a statement announcing a path that will lead to additional European sanctions against Turkey as a result of its illegal activities off the coast of Cyprus.

”In light of Turkey’s continued illegal drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean, the Council reaffirms its full solidarity with Cyprus, regarding the respect of its sovereignty and sovereign rights in accordance with international law,” the foreign ministers stated in their Monday afternoon press release.

”The Council, based on preparatory work already undertaken, agrees that a framework regime of restrictive measures targeting natural and legal persons responsible for or involved in the illegal drilling activity of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean is put in place, and invites the High Representative and the Commission to swiftly present proposals to this effect,” the statement concluded.

What this means in reality is that the Foreign Ministers of the EU are now demanding that the High Representative of the Union’s Foreign Policy, as well as the Commission itself, specify what measures the EU will take to target both individuals and companies that participate in violations against the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus.

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