Severe Technical Problems Arise with Turkey’s ”Yavuz” Drillship

Cypriot and Greek media reported on Tuesday that the Turkish vessel ”Yavuz,” which is violating Cyprus’ block 7 of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), has faced severe technical problems over the past several days.

The reports suggest that while the Yavuz attempted to conduct exploratory drillings in order to locate potential oil or natural gas reserves, it experience numerous sudden movements which did not allow it to proceed.

If true, according to experts, these jerking movements were most likely caused by problems with the drill shaft itself.

The vessel apparently tried once more over the weekend to conduct its — illegal — exploratory drilling but that attempt also reportedly failed.

For this reason, the vessel was forced to start all over again with a new drilling attempt on Monday.

Naturally, this information cannot be verified officially since the Turkish authorities do not disclose such data, but Cyprus and Greece — and their allies — are closely monitoring the movements of Turkish vessels in the area to determine Ankara’s next steps.

It is noted that Turkey continues to be present in the region, despite repeated calls by the EU and other global players for the nation to withdraw and respect Cyprus’ sovereign rights in the region.