Greek Police Discover 105 kg of Cocaine; Three Foreign Nationals Arrested

Greek police recently discovered and confiscated 105 kilograms (231 pounds) of cocaine, according to information made public by police authorities on Thursday.

The Drug Prosecution Division of the Attica Police Department stormed an apartment in Agios Demetrios, Athens, where they found massive quantities of cocaine.

The criminal group which was found in possession of the cocaine and was most likely illegally selling it, was hiding their contraband in some extremely unlikely places.

Greece’s Minister of Citizen’s Protection Michael Chrysochoides uploaded a video on Twitter, showing police officers even discovered some of the cocaine hidden in cat litter trays!

According to media reports, at least three men have been arrested so far, including two Albanians and one Croatian national as a result of the drug bust.

After receiving a series of valuable tips, police authorities were led to the apartment, where apart from the 105 kilograms of cocaine, they also discovered approximately €500-600,000 in cash.