Greek Police Find Bodies of Missing Mother and Daughter in Gorge

    File photo

    The bodies of a 45-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter who had gone missing on November 8 were found on Sunday in a remote area in the region of Pieria.

    According to the police the two women’s bodies were found in a 120m (394 foot) deep gorge near the mountainous area of Fotina.

    The bodies were found by a group of firemen, members of the EMAK rescue team, and police officers.

    According to police, there are clues where the women were found which indicate that they could have been murder victims.

    The husband and father of the two women reported them missing at the Katerini police station last Saturday. He said that his wife called him on the phone on Friday, November 8, and announced that she was leaving with her daughter.

    (Source: AMNA)