2,793 New Migrants Arrive on Greek Shores in Last Seven Days

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Despite the severe weather conditions which prevailed in the country during most of last week, a total of 2,793 new migrants and refugees arrived on Greek shores from Turkey in the last seven days.

According to official data released on Monday morning by the North Aegean Police Directorate General, 1,615 individuals arrived and registered at official Reception and Identification Centers on Lesvos Island, while there were 630 such new migrants on Samos and 548 on Chios.

Currently, a total of 16,459 individuals are living both inside and just outside the premises of the infamous Moria migrant camp on Lesvos.

It is noted that Moria was originally built to accommodate only 3,000 people.

Due to the massive size of its current migrant population, the Government recently announced the permanent closure of Moria after the new enclosed detention centers are ready on some of the Eastern Aegean islands. This is expected to occur by the summer of 2020.

The island of Lesvos is currently playing host to approximately 19,000 refugees and migrants; the total population of the island is normally approximately 87,000 people.