Two People Killed After Thunderstorms Sweep Across Greece (video)

The Greek Coast Guard said on Monday that two people had been killed after their moored sailboat sank in the town of Antirio, western Greece, as a result of the severe weather.

The two unfortunate individuals were identified on Monday morning.

They were two men from Piraeus, 57 and 59 years of age.

Thunderstorms swept Greece over the weekend, causing flooding and widespread disruptions in sea transport.

The storm, called Gyrionis, created havoc in towns across the country. In Kineta, south of Athens, the Fire Service had to evacuate dozens of people from flooded homes.

Heavy rain resulting in flooding and debris on the roadways have shut down both the Athens-Corinth highway, near Elefsina, and the old road connecting the two cities. Authorities say the highway to Athens was expected to open later in the morning, while the section to Corinth will do so between 12-1 pm.

In the town of Katerini, northern Greece, many roads were turned into small rivers.

According to the latest forecast, the weather front will bring heavy rainfall and rainstorms to the region of Attica and in Athens from early Monday until the evening.

The severe weather conditions are going to affect Greece with heavy rainfall and gale force southern winds until Tuesday.

The Greek Civil Protection Service has urged municipal authorities to be on the alert as the adverse weather is expected to move eastward before weakening by Monday night.