Ankara Issues NAVTEX Adjacent to Greek Islands Just Before Leaders’ Meeting

Just hours before Wednesday’s crucial meeting of the leaders of Greece and Turkey in London, Ankara issued a new Navigational Telex (NAVTEX) blocking a large maritime area adjacent to three major Greek islands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Hydrographic station of Antalya blocked off a huge maritime area between Crete, Karpathos and Rhodes for the needs of the Turkish Navy on Wednesday.

Greece has legally-undisputed sovereign rights over this exact same maritime region, which Turkey recently called into question with its controversial maritime rights agreement with the government of Libya. The agreement has been roundly condemned by all major global players, including Washington and Moscow.

The area will be blocked off for just two hours in the morning on Thursday, December 5, but the NAVTEX sends a clear message to Athens that Turkey is determined to continue its expansionist claims in the region.

The newly-blocked-off area is exactly inside the parameters of the region Turkey claims does not belong to Greece’s EEZ.