Study Finds Vast Majority of Greek Teenagers Have Positive Feelings About Refugees and Migrants

According to a study published by Greece’s University Mental Health Research Institute (ΕΠΙΨΥ) recently, the vast majority of Greek teenagers have positive feelings towards refugees and migrants that are currently living in the country.

In particular, the survey found that 57.7 percent of the teenagers who participated said that they have positive feelings for refugees and migrants, with 25.4 percent saying they have neutral feelings for them.

Only a small minority of 16.9 percent claimed that their feelings about the country’s refugees and migrants are negative.

The age range of those who participated spanned from 11 to 15 years, and the survey was conducted in 2018.

However, the results of the study were published this year.

The survey also found that the overwhelming majority of teenagers, 90.6 percent, support the position that the children of refugees and migrants who live in Greece should have the same opportunities in education as other children.

Additionally, nearly 8 out of 10 teenagers agreed that refugees and migrants should have the chance to maintain their customs, speak their own language and have the same rights as Greek citizens.

In general, girls were more favorable in their answers compared to boys.

Greece is currently facing an increasingly serious problem with overcrowded refugee and migrant camps, due to the increased number of people who have been coming over the last several months to the country’s shores from Turkey.