First Snow of the Season Falls North of Athens as Greece Braces for Another Cold Snap

The slopes of Mount Parnitha, north of Athens, were covered in a gleaming coat of snow on Thursday after temperatures in the region dipped on Christmas Day.

The lowest temperatures were recorded in the village of Anilio, in Metsovo (-3.8C), in the village Vlasti in Kozani (-2.8C), Pertouli, Trikala (-2.8C), Variko, Florina (-2.8C), Metsovo (-2.7C) and in Nevrokopi (-2.6C).

Mount Parnitha as seen on Thursday

The temperatures at ski resorts and at mountain refuges were even lower, with the thermometer showing -8.4C at Kaimaktsalan, the ski center of Mt. Voras; -4.9C at the ski area on Mt. Parnassos, and -3.6C at the refuge of Lailias.

According to, the cold snap which gripped parts of the mainland on Thursday was not associated with the new cold weather front dubbed Zinovia which is forecast to hit Greece in the next few days.

Το πρώτο χιόνι στη Πάρνηθα 26-12-2019 ώρα: 01:30

Το πρώτο χιόνι στη Πάρνηθα αυτή την ώρα είναι γεγονός ενώ φαίνεται πως έχουμε χιονοστρωση.Βιντεο από το Καζίνο της Παρνηθας: Στράτος Αυγερινος

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That front, which is expected to bring significantly colder temperatures to the nation, is expected to affect the weather in Greece beginning on Sunday – lowering temps as much as ten degrees in some parts of the country.