Writers Titos Patrikios and Kostas Georgousopoulos Receive Medals of Honor

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos presented the prestigious ”Commander of the Order of Honour” medals to Greek poet, writer and translator Titos Patrikios and author, theater critic and translator Kostas Georgousopoulos on Monday.

Both of the distinguished writers were honored for their great contributions to Greek culture.

“I present to you the medal of the Commander of the Order of Honour in recognition of your value as an authentic representative of modern Greek Literature. A representative, who leads our Literature far beyond our borders, to emit its glow to ‘urbi et orbi,’ as it was destined to,” said President Pavlopoulos upon presenting the medal to Patrikios.

Addressing Georgousopoulos, Pavlopoulos said ”I present to you the medal of the Commander of the Order of Honour in recognition of your great contribution to the Greek Letters in general and, above all, to the literary field of Theater, in all of its aspects. Your work allows you now to be considered a true ‘mystic’ of Theater, from its very origins and roots to the present day.”

Patrikios, who was born in Athens in 1928, had already been awarded Greece’s Special State Prize for Literature in 1994, among other distinctions.

He has published a number of poems and translations of others’ works and he has participated in many more collaborative works of literature.

Georgousopoulos, who was born in 1937, won Greece’s Grand Prize for Literature in 2008, and has been awarded other important distinctions as well.

He has also rewritten a number of ancient Greek theatrical works into modern Greek, helping ancient Greek plays to become wider known in the country and the world.