Eight People Killed off Turkey’s Aegean Coast After Migrant Boat Sinks

File photo

Eight people perished after a migrant boat carrying approximately fifteen people capsized and sank off the Aegean coast of Turkey, the country’s interior ministry announced on Friday afternoon.

This most recent deadly incident took place on Wednesday night, but the announcement was only made today. It happened approximately five miles off the town of Fethiye, the ancient Greek city of Telmessus, in southwest Turkey, opposite from the Greek island of Rhodes.

The bodies of a total of five men and three women were discovered in the sea by members of the Turkish Coast Guard; however, their nationalities remain unknown at this time.

Although reduced in number compared to 2015, migrant crossings between the Turkish mainland and Greece’s Eastern Aegean islands continue to take place on a daily basis, with tens of thousands more people arriving on Greek shores every few months.