Thessaloniki Among Handful of European Cities to Enforce Innovative CO2 Reduction Plan

Greece’s second-largest city of Thessaloniki announced on Monday that it will be among at least five European cities which will participate in the EU’s ”2050 Climate-friendly Mobility in Cities” project.

The aim of this ambitious environmental program is to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the cities’ urban transport systems and to create environmental and climate-friendly urban mobility all around the EU.

According to the municipality of Thessaloniki, the four other participants are the cities of Bydgoszcz in Poland, Leipzig in Germany, Almería in Spain and Plymouth in the United Kingdom.

The 2050 Climate Mobility City project helps policymakers identify, plan and implement transportation policies which support their long-term climate objectives.

The “2050 CliMobCity” part of the project will check if the measures set out by the authorities ensure and promote the efficient use of land in urban planning, and lead to the desired reduction of CO2, through the use of appropriate software.

These city councils will take on the task of promoting environmentally-friendly means of transport, including the benefits of walking and cycling, as well as introducing electric vehicles and/or other climate-friendly ways in which people can go about the tasks of daily living.

The project, which is co-funded by the ”Interreg Europe” Regional Cooperation program of the European Union, has a duration of four years. The total budget for the project is €1,332,046.

With information from AMNA