Greek Island Travels on London Underground

Skiathos, the most famous island of the Sporades and one of the favorite Greek destinations throughout Europe, will be advertised in all London Underground trains.

The island is very popular among British visitors. However, after the bankruptcy of UK business Thomas Cook, there were many cancellations last summer, hurting tourist flow during the peak of the tourism season.

Skiathos is a top holiday destination for Britons, who still account for 45 to 48 percent of all foreign visitors. So the Skiathos Hoteliers Association and the Municipality of Skiathos decided on a campaign that will not only cover the losses of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy but will also bring more Britons to the island.

The island will be advertised on the London Underground through a deal signed by the municipality and Paramount Pictures, according to an Athens-Macedonian News Agency report.

Skiathos will be promoted on all trains of the London Underground network for two weeks, from the 10th to the 23rd of February.