Coronavirus Epidemic: China Advises Its Recent Travelers to Greece to Stay Indoors

The Chinese Ambassador to Greece said on Wednesday that officials are now contacting all its country’s citizens who recently traveled to Greece and advising them to stay indoors until the possibility of them carrying the coronavirus is excluded.

Speaking to reporters, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue said that “we are making all efforts to contact our citizens to stay indoors for at least two weeks.”

She also confirmed that all organized travel from China to Greece has now ceased and that Chinese authorities are organizing charter flights for all its citizens abroad to return home.

“The disease can be prevented, controlled and treated,” the ambassador noted, adding “Although the virus has infected many people, the mortality rate in China is much lower than that of other infectious diseases such as Ebola, SARS and MERS.”

Αmbassador Zhang also said the embassy has informed Air China to carry out rigorous passenger health checks during boarding in Beijing and to report any suspicious cases to the Greek health authorities.

“China is taking effective measures necessary to stop the virus spreading beyond its borders,” she said.

The coronavirus virus has spread quickly overseas, with 25 nations confirming a total of 191 cases, although there have so far been only two deaths outside mainland China.

The coronavirus causes a severe acute respiratory infection, and symptoms usually start with a fever, followed by a dry cough. Most people infected are likely to fully recover – just as they would from influenza.