Greece Confirms First Case of Swine Fever Disease

Greek authorities on Wednesday were put on alert after it was confirmed that a case of swine fever disease was recorded at a small family farm in the region of Serres, in northeastern Greece.

The case, the first in the country, was confirmed by the Athens Veterinary Center.

At a meeting including Agricultural Development & Foods Minister Makis Voridis, the Deputy Minister and the Secretary General and other officials, it was decided that an emergency plan would be implemented immediately.

The African swine disease is highly contagious among pigs but does not harm humans.

Effective immediately, the export of all swine products including pork and other foods, sperm and eggs, and other related goods from Serres prefecture is completely banned.

In addition, veterinarian centers, police, port and government authorities in Serres prefecture have been placed on alert to spot any possible violations of the ban.

Source: AMNA