The Magic of the Greek Language — in a Spanish Song

This oldie by an Argentinian musical group called Apurimac, featuring Greek singer Elli Paspala, is the living proof that there indeed are thousands of Greek words in every language.

Apurimac created this song, entitled “My Last Tango in Athens” which has almost every lyric in the Greek language, back in 2012.

Only the refrain of the song, which could be translated as following, is in Spanish: “This is my last tango in Athens. A sorrowful tango running through my veins. This is my last tango in Athens.”

Argentinian composer Daniel Armando recounted during an interview with the radio show “Ellinofrenia” that he had received the inspiration to write the song during a trip to Cuba after he entered a book store and found a book entitled “17,000 Greek words in the Spanish language.”

The group Apurimac, which in the Quechua indigenous language of South America means “God of Speech,” was formed in 1983, and a number of their songs use Greek lyrics.

They collaborated in 2000 with Vassilis Papakonstantinou, George Dalaras and others to produce a CD for the Doctors Without Borders organization titled “No Borders.”