Greek Police Raid Suspected Terrorist Hideout in Athens

Counter-terrorism officers raided on Sunday a second hideout of an escaped convict and suspected member of an urban guerrilla group who was arrested on January 30 while on the run from prison.

The suspect, identified as Yiannis Michalidis, the infamous “Syntagma Archer,” had been sentenced to thirteen years in prison for his armed attack against police in 2015.

Michalidis rose to notoriety in 2011 after he attempted to shoot at police with a high-powered bow during a protest rally at Syntagma Square in Athens.

Police have taped off the area around the suspected hideout as the investigation is ongoing.

On Friday, counter-terrorism officers raided another hideout in the Athens neighborhood of Patissia. A search of that apartment turned up computer memory devices, a SIM card and a drone.