Chinese Patient at Greek Hospital Cleared of Coronavirus Infection

A Chinese citizen who recently traveled from China to Greece and had developed symptoms related to the coronavirus was cleared of carrying the disease on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old man was transferred to the Attikon Hospital on Tuesday evening, designated by the Ministry of Health as a Reference Center for the reception of the first suspected cases of the new coronavirus infection in Greece.

Test results showed that he had not been infected. As of now, there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Greece.

Meanwhile, test results for possible infection by the coronavirus of a Greek citizen who had recently traveled to China, were also found to be negative.

The man, who was repatriated from the town of Wuhan, was admitted at Sotiria Hospital in Athens.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, although he has no symptoms, he is in voluntary isolation and medical supervision for fourteen days, just as protocol specifies in these cases.

On Tuesday, China reported its highest daily death toll coronavirus. It announced that there had been 103 additional fatalities, pushing the total past 1,100 and providing a somber warning that indeed the epidemic does represent “a very grave threat to the rest of the world.”

All but two of the 1,115 deaths attributed to the outbreak, which emerged in December of 2019, have occurred in mainland China.

The virus is continuing to spread into other countries. Almost 500 of the 45,182 confirmed cases now are outside China. This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  reported the 13th case of coronavirus in the United States.