How to Greek Up Your Valentine’s Day

By Ada Leivada

Relationships are hard, and those with partners who speak another language as a native can find them even harder. If you are in a mixed-language relationship you might often find it difficult to express your feelings in a way that both parties understand and appreciate.

You might often wish your partner could get a closer look into your culture, which would help them understand you even better.

And while love is of course a universal feeling, Greek is the best language to express it! That’s why you need some ideas to “Greek up” your Valentine’s Day and help your partner connect with you and your roots on a deeper level.

There is no greater gift than an airplane ticket. If this ticket takes you to a Greek summer destination which looks like paradise, even better. This is the best time to be making summer plans, so maybe you could book a Greek vacation for you and your partner and give them the opportunity to experience Greece and the Greek lifestyle on their own.

Maybe you could try something that combines a vacation with Greek courses for your partner, like a Summer Immersion Course. Learning Greek by the sea sounds like a great experience for both of you, does it not?

Or find a Greek restaurant in your area and book a romantic Valentine’s dinner there. Make sure it is not too fancy. Try to find one that is authentically Greek. Find one which bases its success on great food, good wine, and on re-creating the unique atmosphere of being in a Greek taverna with your loved one.

If you are not up for a night out, you can always prepare a home-cooked Greek meal. If you don’t know how, call your mom or grandma. They will for sure know the most appropriate meal for you to cook and enchant your partner with the magic of Greek cuisine.

If you both like going out, you could try and give your partner a taste of Greek nightlife, and Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year. Not having to work the following day is the best excuse for a real Greek night out to help you relax, have fun, and give your partner an idea of your culture.

And culture means nothing without music. Find the best Greek nightclub around and treat yourself and your partner to an unforgettable night of dancing.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who wants to make thoughtful and useful presents, maybe you could buy a Greek-language course for your partner if they are interested in learning basic Greek to communicate with you or your family.

You could try the A2 Greek Grammar Course, an online course designed to help people at the basic level of Greek understand grammar more easily and effectively, and consequently speak the language faster and better.

The great part about this course is its amazing flexibility. You can do it at your own time and pace, whenever you want. What’s even greater is that you can get it with a “Valentine’s Day” 50 percent discount for a while!

Whether you decide to prepare a home-cooked Greek meal, spend an amazing night out at a Greek club or restaurant, buy a Greek language course for your loved one, or book a romantic vacation in Greece, what’s for sure is that this will be a special Valentine’s Day that will bring you and your partner closer.

Why? Because love is indeed a universal feeling, but Greek is the best language in which to express it.