Cypriot Student Aims at Breaking Guinness World Record for Solving Rubik’s Cube

Michael Eleftheriades is a 17-year old student from Cyprus who aims to break a Guinness World Record for solving the Rubik’s cube while being upside down in the fastest time.

Eleftheriades has managed to win 40 national records so far in his four-year engagement with this mental sport.

He recently solved the Rubik’s cube while being in an upside-down position in just 13.22 seconds!

The young Cypriot is now waiting for the World Guinness Record committee to approve his record, making him the holder of the fastest-solved Rubik’s cube while in an upside-down position.

Eleftheriades began playing with this cube four years ago, he was only 13 years old when he bought a cube from a kiosk.

Since then, hours of practice and natural talent have made him one of the best Rubik cubes’ players in the world.