Athens Rejects Turkey’s Offers About ”Greek Compromise” in East Med

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias. File photo

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias responded to his Turkish counterpart’s Thursday remarks that Greece should compromise and share in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Greece is not going to take part in a dishonest and abusive compromise,” Dendias declared on Tuesday in response to Melvut Cavusoglu’s comments on Greece.

Addressing an Athens Journalists Union event held at the Foreign Ministry, Dendias said that “Greece is a country with multipart foreign policy that always serves international law, security and stability,” and expressed the hope that “all the leaders in the region will clearly see far beyond the fogginess of the conflicts, and the fogginess of interventions and power declarations.”

”The 21st century is a century fostering people’s prosperity through the implementation of rules of the international law and cordial agreement among peoples,” the Greek official stated.

”Greece,” said Dendias, ”seeks to strengthen its relations with its traditional and historic allies – the US, France, the Arab countries, and Israel.”

The Greek Foreign Minister also made a particular reference to the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, the EastMed pipeline, and the strategic defense agreement signed with the US recently which serves the interests of stability and security in the region.

“Our consistent goal is for Greece to become a gateway and hub for energy transit,” Dendias noted, adding that “this will have a multiplier effect on benefits for Greece and the wider region.”

Earlier, speaking with Turkey’s TRT Haber, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu was quoted as saying that ”We say to Greece ‘we can reach an agreement’ as long as you are ready to compromise. Be ready to share in the Eastern Mediterranean.”