France’s Largest Naval Vessel Docks in Limassol, Cyprus in Show of Strength

Fighter jets at rest on the French aircraft carrier ”Charles De Gaulle.” Photo credit: Cyprus News Agency

France’s ”Charles De Gaulle,” the largest aircraft carrier in Europe, docked at the port of Limassol in Cyprus on Thursday.

The photographs of this massive vessel are impressive by any measure and send a message of the strongest possible cooperation between the nation of France and Cyprus’ National Guard.

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at the port of Limassol in Cyprus. Photo credit: Cyprus News Agency

Marc Aussedat, the commander of France’s Navy Task Force 473, expressed his gratitude for the hospitality shown to the French armed forces, who have been operating on and near the island nation of Cyprus for several weeks now.

Apart from the impressive aircraft carrier, France also has many other Navy vessels in the area around Cyprus, part of their mission dubbed “Inherent Resolve,” which originally targeted the Islamic State in the Middle East.

French fighter jets on the aircraft carrier ”Charles De Gaulle,” docked at Limassol, Cyprus. Photo credit: Cyprus News Agency