Greece Announces Fifteen New Coronavirus Cases 

Fifteen new cases of the Covid19 coronavirus were diagnosed on Friday according to an announcement made by Greek health authorities.

The total number of coronavirus cases has now risen to 46 in Greece.

According to Sotiris Tsiodras, the Health Ministry spokesperson for the Covid19 coronavirus outbreak, eleven of the new victims belong to the group of people who had recently visited Israel and Egypt.

This is the group from which the first case in Patras was recorded.

Three of the remaining individuals belonged either to the family or close contacts of those who had traveled to Israel and Egypt.

The last individual to be diagnosed is from Daphni, in Athens.

As per the recommendation by the Health Ministry’s committee of experts, all emergency measures announced recently for the counties of Achaea, Elis, and Zante will continue to be in effect until further notice.

This means that schools, sports centers, cinemas, theaters and other public gathering places in these areas will remain closed.

Additionally, people from these three regional units are now forbidden from making trips abroad, and all sports clubs will be forced to play their games without any fans in attendance.

Another group of 51 Greek nationals who are currently in Israel visiting the Holy Land has announced that it will return immediately to Greece.

These individuals will have to be self-isolated in their homes after their return and will be in constant contact with the country’s health authorities.