Holy Cross Monument Vandalized Again on Lesvos

Photo: Greek Reporter

Police on the Aegean island of Lesvos are searching for the unknown assailants who once again vandalized the large Cross monument there on Tuesday evening.

The huge white cross, which had been raised with funds sent by Greek-Australians, is located at Apelli, beneath the landmark castle in Lesvos’ capital city, Mytilene.

The vandals wrote incomprehensible slogans as well as seemingly random words in red spray paint on the base of the cross monument.

Photo: Greek Reporter

The monument, which has divided local opinion, has been a target for vandals in the recent past.  

Vandals recently spray painted the word “hypocrites” on the Cross monument. Photo: Greek Reporter

Some local groups opposed the installation of the cross in 2018, claiming that it was offensive to migrants who are not Christian.

In October of 2018, an NGO called “Movement for Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean” charged that it was inappropriate to turn a Christian symbol “into a tool of aspiring crusaders.”

The group also argued that the cross had been placed there to prevent migrants from swimming in that location.