Church of Crete Decrees All Liturgies to be Celebrated Without Congregations Due to Coronavirus Fears

Saint Minas Cathedral, see of the Archbishop of Crete. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Christian Church of Crete decided on Monday that all its liturgies will be conducted without congregants attending the services for an undetermined time into the future.

It is noted that the Church of Crete is independent from that of Greece, as it is a semi-autonomous Church, but it is likewise under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

”We urge all faithful people, of all ages, to abstain, for as long as necessary, from every crowded place,” the Church of Crete advised in its announcement.

The announcement of the Cretan Church said that from now on all services will be conducted by priests without the presence of any congregants whatsoever.

People will only be allowed to enter churches to pray on their own, without attending any organized services.