Greece’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 46 as Government Says Measures are Working

Greek health authorities announced on Tuesday morning that three more people had died from the coronavirus, raising the number of fatalities in the country to 46.

The victims, two male and one female, had underlying health problems before they were diagnosed with the virus, authorities said.

On Monday, Stelios Petsas, the spokesperson of the Greek government, posted two graphs on Twitter, noting that Greece’s tough restrictive measures are bearing fruit in the battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Petsas stated that ”the strict, early and preventative measures to limit the coronavirus taken by Greece are working.”

The number of recorded cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Greece, Belgium and Holland. Photo credit:

”No complacency! Alertness, discipline, faith. And we will make it!” the spokesman’s  tweet exhorted his followers.

The number of recorded coronavirus deaths in these three countries. Photo credit:

The graphs represent the number of cases and deaths recorded in the Netherlands, Belgium and Greece, three EU member-states with a comparative population, showing extremely different outcomes in the global fight against the coronavirus.