Greece Remains Low in Numbers of Coronavirus Cases and Fatalities

The deserted streets of Athens. Photo credit:

As of April 4, Greece is ranked 43rd in the world regarding the number of diagnosed COVID-19 coronavirus cases, according to the latest international statistics.

Greece also has a low number of cases for every million inhabitants.

More specifically, Greece is 75th in the world, with 161 diagnosed cases for every million people. Greece is in 23rd place among the 27 EU member states.

In the Eurozone, only Slovakia has fewer recorded cases per million inhabitants than Greece.

Greece has recorded 68 deaths from the pandemic so far, a figure that puts the country in 33rd place in the world.

When this figure is compared to the population, Greece ranks 38th in the world and 17th in the EU.

Currently, the country with the most cases globally is the US, with more than 310,000 recorded cases.