More Than 200 British-Cypriots Have Died So Far From the Coronavirus, Report

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The Cypriot Parikiaki weekly newspaper in the UK reported recently that more than 200 Cypriots in the United Kingdom have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

The newspaper does not quote official data, however, they claim they have contacted hospitals, community members, funeral directors and have gathered all funeral announcements placed in their paper in the last several weeks.

According to this data, Parikiaki claims that 120 UK-Greek Cypriots, 65 Turkish Cypriots, and one UK-Maronite Cypriot have died so far from the pandemic in London alone.

Additionally, 14 more UK-Cypriot individuals have been reported as dead in different parts of the country.

The shocking figures show the extent of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, which has reported more than 13,000 deaths so far.