Greece Extends Coronavirus Lockdown to May 4

The Greek government announced on Thursday that all the restrictions imposed on the Greek public in the effort to combat the coronavirus epidemic will be extended until May 4.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said that the exact timeline for the easing of the measures will be announced next week. He added that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address the nation to explain how society and the economy will gradually return to normality again.

“The objective of the confinement measures is not to remain in a glass bowl, stuck in our homes. The objective is to take our lives back and win back our way of life, which was temporarily deprived of us by this cunning and invisible enemy,” Petsas said.

By Wednesday evening, Greece had reported 2,408 cases of COVID-19 and 121 deaths. There were no new fatalities on that day.

Petsas also said PM Mitsotakis will reiterate in a video conference with other EU leaders later on Thursday which was called to address the scale and nature of the bloc’s recovery package that “Europe needs common policies and a common European tool,” such as a “joint eurobond.”

The spokesman added that “common problems require common solutions.”

The government also released two tables comparing the numbers of total cases and fatalities from thecoronavirus in Greece with three other European countries of similar population and size.

The first table compares recorded cases by April 22 in Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Greece. The second compares fatalities suffered by these nations up until the same day.