The Handsome Brad Pitt Lookalike Who Fought Heroically in the Battle of Crete

This photograph of three Cretan resistance fighters posing with German rifles, hand-grenades and binoculars has been making the rounds of Greek social media for years.

The photograph was made in the village of Anidri, near Chania. According to the files kept by historian Antonis Erzakis, the three fighters are (left to right) Ioannis Vardoulakis, Ioannis Kontekakis and Manolis Vardoulakis.

Over the years, the three men have come to personify the courage and heroic determination of the Cretans who fought against the German invaders in 1941.

But there is another, more subtle, reason for the popularity and the perpetual interest in the photo.

The fighter on the left, Ioannis Vardoulakis, has been likened to Hollywood star Brad Pitt. Many social media commentators say that the similarity is obvious. One pointedly says that it must be a case of time travel.

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