Greece Issues Detailed Directions for Hotels Ahead of June Reopening

Wikimedia commons

The Greek Ministry of Tourism released comprehensive and detailed guidelines that hotels, camping sites, travel agents and transport companies must observe during the reopening of the tourist season in June, as part of preventative measures for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each hotel or tourism facility is expected to establish a protocol based on the ministry’s directions and adapted to its facilities, and to designate a coordinator who will work in association with a doctor.

It must also train the staff on behavior with guests, and introduce precautions for personal safety during their work at the facilities.

In an extensive statement over 20 pages long, directives covered the training of staff to recognize possible coronavirus symptoms and implement emergency procedures for possible cases; details on how staff may handle cleaning of rooms and serving guests; and disinfection procedures of all surfaces, keys and materials handled by guests.

Staff members are also to have their temperatures checked on a daily basis, while the hotel is expected to keep contact records for both staff and guests alike (while respecting EU-wide privacy laws) in case contact tracing is necessary, and to report any indication that either they or any guest have COVID-19 symptoms.

Particular regulations are also set out for specific areas of facilities, such as kitchens and restaurants, public rest rooms, pools and delivery areas, while certain areas like the kitchen are off bounds for staff who do not work there.

Greece announced that it will allow the reopening of year-round hotels on June 1, including camping grounds.

On June 15, seasonal hotels will reopen, the same day that full schedules will resume for flights from abroad – based on a list of approved countries. All other international airports in Greece will be allowed to receive flights from abroad as of July 1.

(Source: AMNA)