Mykonos Opens Up Its Cosmopolitan Bars, Restaurants After Lockdown

The cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos opened up its bars and restaurants on Monday, after the island was finally allowed to gear up for the summer season. Local hoteliers and restaurateurs expect foreign visitors to begin to arrive in July, in a belated start to the usually frenetic tourist season.

Until then, only local residents, along with travelers from mainland Greece, can enjoy their coffee or a cocktail in Little Venice, one of the most beautiful and romantic places in all of Mykonos.

This neighborhood is replete with elegant, gorgeous old homes which are perched precariously on the rocky shore above the Aegean. Many discerning travelers in the past have fallen in love with this charming quarter because of its magnetic appeal. captured with its cameras the first day of Mykonos’ long-awaited return to normalcy.