Greece Conducts Mass Coronavirus Testing in 30 Regions

Credit: AMNA

Greece’s health authorities reported 15 new cases of coronavirus and one death on Thursday as mobile units completed 1,000 sample-collection missions in thirty regions across the country.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Greece now stands at 2,952, including all those who have recovered. Of the total, 652 are linked to travel abroad and 1,702 are linked to already known cases in Greece; the rest are from an undetermined source.

Of all cases, 55.2 percent concern men, a fairly consistent percentage since the beginning of the outbreak.

The number of fatalities now stands at 180 and the average age of all the deceased is 76 years. A total of nine Greek citizens are currently in ICUs.

Meanwhile, the mobile health units of the National Public Health Organization (EODY) have collected 25,000 samples from 160 municipalities, 220 care facilities for vulnerable groups (retirement homes, disabled centers, etc.), 100 municipal and agricultural clinics and day-care centers, and 30 refugee hosting facilities.

They have also collected samples for testing from foreign students attending three different universities.

Greece is hoping to conduct more general population checks towards building an epidemiological profile for virus dispersal, authorities have said.