Eight-Year-Old “Greek Einstein” Dazzles German Teachers

Eight-year-old math prodigy Tasos Gerantidis. Photo Credit: AMNA

By Paula Tsoni

Eight-year-old Greek pupil Tasos Gerantidis has settled into his new school in Germany, just few months after he made headlines for his astonishing advanced calculation skills and record-high IQ score.

The young boy’s family made the hard decision to move to Germany in early 2020 to ensure that Tasos would get the best out of his primary education in order to fully develop his rare talents.

Now, after the onerous Covid-19 restrictions which forced him to stop going to school just ten days after his admission, the “Greek Einstein” in the making has finally returned to class again.

Tasos’ father Andreas tells AMNA how his son impressed his German teachers within the first three days upon his return, as they immediately realized that Tasos is quite different from other students. Both the boy and his 11-year-old sister are currently taking intensive courses in the German language so that they can join classes of the correct level for their abilities as soon as possible.

“Throughout the lockdown, teachers visited us at home and they were very interested in the children’s psychology. They brought folders and photocopies to keep them busy and they were constantly close to us. We have been very impressed by the fact that, especially in education, (the Germans) are very organized and they are very concerned for the children,” says Gerantidis.

It remains to be assessed which class Tasos will join, as he is clearly much more advanced than children of his own age. At the moment, he has been given study material created for pupils who are two or three years ahead of him.

“In general, children in Greece — my daughter as well — are more advanced than children of the same age here,” the proud father adds.

As the entire family appears to have perfectly adapted to their everyday life in the city of Nuremberg, where both parents found new jobs right away, Gerantidis reflects that, “despite the hardships, it all went well.”