Prankster Turns Newly-Created Athens Fountain into Bubble Bath

    A newly-installed fountain feature in central Athens’ Omonoia Square was literally turned into a bubble bath on Friday.

    Instead of the usual clear, sparkling water seen in the spectacular new fountain, the city center landmark is now full of frothy white foam, which makes its basin look more like an overfilled bubble bath than a public water feature.

    Reports say that a huge quantity of bubble foam or detergent was thrown into the fountain overnight.

    Bemused people were walking past questioning what had happened and whether it was just simply cleaning works being carried out at the new Omonoia fountain.

    City council crews are working on Friday to clear the foam.

    The redesigned Omonoia Square, with its signature fountain restored once again, was officially handed over to the residents and visitors of the great city only last week.

    One of the largest water fountains in Europe in terms of water volume, the 30-meter (98-foot) wide fountain shoots water 20 meters (66 feet) high. It has a total of 188 water jets and 177 underwater LED lights.

    Omonoia Square underwent a major restoration by the city of Athens with the help of private sponsorships, replacing a fountain that had been removed in previous overhauls of the square.