Fifty New Covid-19 Cases in Greece; Half Are Imported


Greece’s National Public Health Organization announced that the country has recorded a total of 50 new cases of the coronavirus within the past 24 hours, further continuing the country’s troubling upward trend in the number of infections.

According to the statement, 27 out of the 50 patients testing positive for Covid-19 were imported into Greece through the country’s border gates. Twenty-four of these cases were diagnosed during routine inspections performed by security, while the other three volunteered for the examination.

Concerning the other 23 native cases, two were diagnosed in Kavala, one was in Halkidiki, seven were in Attica, six were in Thessaloniki, six were in Xanthi and only one case occurred in Rodopi.

The following table depicts the trend of the coronavirus epidemic in Greece, with the blue bars illustrating the number of daily cases recorded. Image: National Public Health Organization

These new cases have brought the total number of Covid-19 patients to 3,672, including all those who have recovered. According to the National Public Health Organization, 25 percent of the cases are considered to be related to traveling inbound from abroad, while 53.1 percent are related to already-known cases.

Despite the increase in cases, no new deaths due to Covid-19 were recorded by health authorities today, with the confirmed number of total fatalities for the nation remaining at 193. The median age for the deceased is currently 76 years, with just 32.1 of the fatalities being female.

Several tourists have also tested positive for the coronavirus, with one case involving a traveler from Romania who reportedly left her hotel room during self-quarantine, wandering around the island of Crete for 72 hours before she was contacted and made to quarantine again.

As the tourist season in Greece continues to progress, health officials are remaining extremely vigilant in their efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.