Covid Experts Raise Alarm As Cases in Greece Double in July

Greek authorities, increasingly concerned following the recent spike in coronavirus cases, are considering to re-introduce some of the restrictions imposed earlier in the year.

Professor of infectious diseases Charalambos Gogos warned that some measures such as the limit of 6 people per table and the use of a mask in specific areas, could be re-introduced, following Monday’s ban on festivals until the end of July.

Until Monday, a total of 422 cases of coronavirus had been recorded since the beginning of July, of which 236 were imported. In the whole month of June, there were just 299 cases.

The number of patients in Covid-19 hospitals has doubled in the first two weeks of July. On June 30, a total of 41 patients were hospitalized. On Monday the number of patients had risen to 83.

A smaller increase is shown by the data for intubated patients, who numbered nine at the end of June And now amount to 14. The death toll remains low, however, with only one fatality in July, bringing the total number of coronavirus fatalities in Greece to 193.

Speaking to Skai TV, Gogos said that although the dispersion index, the so-called Ro, is still low, at 0.30-0.40, the cases are increasing and are “raising the alarm” for a possible second wave.

“We are in a phase where there is an upsurge. We have dozens of cases every day, which we did not have a while ago. May this be a transient curve that will fall again. It is a dynamic situation where we are constantly making decisions that we can change tomorrow, because the data is changing”, Gogos added.